Hydration Serum


Hyaluronic acid and rose hydrosol hydration serum.  Made with all vegan , non GMO and organic ingredients.


Good things really do come in small packages. It only takes a tiny amount of our Hydration Serum for you to see the benefits. Made with wild harvested Roses and an organic, vegan source of high potency hyaluronic acid.

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As we age, our skin has a harder time maintaining moisture and over time it also loses its suppleness. Thanks to gravity, it starts to sag and fine lines and wrinkles become more visible.

Applying hyaluronic acid on your face plumps up the skin to smooth those fine lines and wrinkles. When your skin is hydrated, it becomes more toned and youthful. Who doesn’t want that!

Most of us think of Rose as a longtime quintessential symbol of love and beauty but did you know that Rose has been used medicinally in cultures around the world for many thousands of years? When applied to the skin, it is cooling and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pain relieving and also an antioxidant- loaded with vitamin C, all while helping the skin stay hydrated.


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